Tuna Blanca is a white prickly pear, in Zacatecas they call the green prickly pear Tuna Blanca... inspired by Rosé my wife and passion!

Tuna Blanca could be a great white tuna fish from the Marietas islands... inspired by the fishermen of the Anclote.

Tuna Blanca in vibrant designs and colors... inspired by Pineda Covalín.

A menú and oceanfront atmosphere by a Café des Artistes much more mexican, chic and romantic; where we work with only the best locally-produced goods, organic products, hand planted and cultivated by local farmers. Fresh fish is provided by our friends, the fishermen from our same beach, who make fishing their everyday form of life. Flavors of Mexico with the style of chef Thierry Blouet and his great disciple Chef Ramón Alvarez along with his professional team. Spiced with fresh produce of top quality, au mezquite or grilled! cooked simple but with great flavor.

Bon appétit! and viva la vida!